Japanese style back piece

Roddy McLean Tattooer

Below is Kuniyoshi’s Ariōmaru Kills a Giant Octopus, circa 1833-1835. In Japanese medieval military chronicles Ariō was a servant of Priest Shunkan who gave particularly loyal service during Shunkan’s banishment and death on Kikai island. The inscription in the top right of the picture tells how Ariō killed a giant octopus during his journey to Kikai island to join his master.


Here is the 2nd sitting on an ongoing back piece representing the woodblock




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Yokai sleeve ( jinmenju)

Roddy McLean Tattooer



Had great fun working on this jinmenju sleeve a highly unusual subject read some more about what they are , the sleeve also features hanafuda cards from the traditional Japanese card game

This tree is found in mountain valleys. The fruit of the tree looks like a human head. It doesn’t say a word, but it is constantly laughing. It is said that if the fruit laughs too heartily, it falls from the tree.

According to the Edo period Hyakka Jiten encyclopedia Wakan Sansai Zue (和漢三才図会; A Collection of Pictures of Heaven, Earth, and Man from China and Japan), the Jinmenju trees are found in the south, and the fruit of the tree is called the jinmenshi, or human-faced child. They ripen in the fall, and if you eat the fruit they have a sweet/sour taste. It is said that the Jinmenju seed also has a human face, eyes, ears…

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Calling all customers with tattooed hands!

We’re starting a little project at the shop and are looking to photograph tattooed hands. It doesn’t matter if your hands were done here or somewhere else. If you find yourself near the shop anytime soon, please pop in for 5 minutes, we’d appreciate it greatly!


A few Tattoos from the past week.

Here is a selection of some tattoos done at Timeless over the last week or so. If you’d like to see more then please follow our artists on Instagram @roddymcleantattooer @laurakennedytattoo @kingofbones and @jam_tats


A full set of Finger tattoos in one go, hands are now fully healed and looking great.


This one has been a long time coming, originally drawn about a year ago. Duncan finally found a space in his work schedule to come in and get this massive rib piece lined, sat like a champ


This is a cover up by Laura based on the Bon Iver song “re:stacks”.


These two are traditional style portraits of Kenickie and Elvis by Laura. The Elvis on the right is healed.


This absolute monster is the skull of Jesus and was done in a full day sit by Paul. Hard to capture a true sense of how big this is in a photo unfortunately.


This little gap filling Marlin is part of a nautical/maritime theme sleeve being worked on by Paul. Sleeve is starting to pull together nicely and you can see a few more photos of it on his Instagram.


First tattoo done in the shop by our newest artist Jamie. A fantastic looking realistic Tiger.


This was done yesterday by Jamie and is a fantastic example of what he does best.

Thanks for looking!